Master Class students Neeraj Sharma and Janav Sharma prepare for a speech.

Master Class students Neeraj Sharma and Janav Sharma prepare for a speech.

"As a first time debater, I was terrified to get in front of a judge to try to display my debating skills which were practically none. Even though I had no experience, the counselors were very nice and broke down the basics for me. They explained what flow charts, POI, and all the other debating tactics were. They didn't discourage me when I got something completely wrong, but gave me helpful criticism. I know the week is short, but I learned so much and know I feel like I can apply that knowledge to debate.This camp gave me a lot more confidence and now I think I'll try out for my debate team at Hotchkiss."

— Ashley, Hotchkiss School

"Before I came to POI, I had no idea what it meant to run a critique or what topicality meant because I'm a Canadian debater who had never tried parliamentary debate. Trying out parli really helped me broaden my scope of knowledge and experiment with arguments that challenge the purpose of debate...."

— Vivian, West Point Grey Academy

"Having the opportunity to learn from two really amazing college debaters was incredibly helpful, and the way they tailored lectures and drills based on how we were doing worked well. I learned a lot I didn't even know I needed, and the practice with feedback helped drill everything in."

— Lilly, Notre Dame San Jose High School

"The camp has taught me more in the first 3 days than I learned in a year at school. I believe this is due to the level of the teaching done."

— Thane, Eton College

"Having come from SNFI and a loosely established parli program, POI significantly improved my ability to both k and case debate. My partner and I do most of our learning at camp, and POI was a fantastic platform to do so."

— Neeraj, The Nueva School

"The camp provided a ton of new information within the week program, and provided a lot of hands-on experience with debate rounds twice a day. The speaking/writing drills after a new concept was taught helped to ingrain the lesson in my mind, and helped me to understand the concept better. By switching around the instructors every few hours, I believe that all of us were provided with unique information, more than if only one instructor was assigned to each skill group. Also, the food was good and dorm life was pretty interesting after spending all summer in my own home."

— Samantha, Monta Vista High School

Debaters research arguments for placement test.

Debaters research arguments for placement test.

Master Class students listen to a lecture from Brandon Rivera.

Master Class students listen to a lecture from Brandon Rivera.

"I feel like I'm a completely different debater than the person who came at the start of the camp. I love that all of the people in our class and the coaches were welcoming, but pushed me to be my best and get the most out of the program."

— SaraJane, Lake Oswego High School

"As a debater, I was already inclined to enjoy whatever POI had to offer. My existing knowledge about parliamentary debate provided me a considerable amount of confidence in what I felt like I already knew. This camp reinforced the importance of constant practice of my existing skills that, with good work ethic, has pushed my understanding of higher level debate."

— Shannon, Campolindo High School

"I really liked how dedicated the staff were and how the schedule worked in our favor (we'd get a lecture on a subject and then do drills on that and practice that in rounds). I also appreciated the number of practice rounds and all of the different ways we got help and got all of our questions answered."

— Ada, South Eugene High School

"I've never been in a program so chalked full of information, practice, and feedback. POI somehow perfectly hit the spot between overwhelming and not effective, leaving me (and it seems like most of my peers) in a situation where we both learned a lot and didn't burn out from being overworked. There is no doubt in my mind that I was pushed and stretched during camp, as the 2 rounds a day made sure that I practiced what I'd learned in lecture/drills and also got exposure to many different topics. The instructors were experienced, wise, and genuinely fun to be around and be taught by. Overall, I learned, practiced, was pushed, and improved. I came here wanting to get good, I came out never wanting to stop improving and knowing that I definitely already had."

— Alden, Bishop O'Dowd High School

"This camp definitely improved my debate skills overall. Since every day was jampacked with lectures and debate rounds, I received a lot of new information and learned how to better build and impact out my contentions. The practice rounds every day were also super helpful because we got to use the skills that we learned and put them to use. I think that this camp really helped me to fill up my time. Before, I've always had trouble using up all 5/7 minutes during debate rounds, but now I even find myself going over time. I've also learned a lot about theories and kritiks, which are things that I didn't know about before. The policy round's structure is also new to me, because I only knew about claim/warrant/impact structure before and I was never taught to use uniqueness/link/internal link/impact. I also was able to actually use counterplans, since before I never really got the chance to learn what they actually were. I think that watching other debate rounds was also very interesting because I got the chance to see more experienced debaters as well...From watching their rounds, I learned more about what you're actually supposed to do/talk about during speeches, like impacting out contentions, or refuting your opponent's case/rebuttals, etc. Overall, POI Debate Camp really helped to improve my debate skills and I hope to come back again next year."

— Jessica, Pioneer High School

This was definitely one of the most intense camps that I have ever been to. I never thought it was scientifically possible to feed this much information into my brain every day, but at least now I know. I felt like I learned more about parli in one week than I did in the last 1.5 years of parli debate.
— Eugenia, The Nueva School
Master class students take notes during a lecture.

Master class students take notes during a lecture.

Master class debaters Alex Wong and William Zeng flow a round.

Master class debaters Alex Wong and William Zeng flow a round.

The POI debate institute is a rigorous debate program that prepared me to dominate in the upcoming season. I was able to learn from, question, and debate against some of the best coaches in the nation. The camp is centered around its debaters and the strong presence of alumni demonstrate[s] the possibilities this experience can generate for you.
— Claudia, Bishop O'Dowd High School

"POI is a major reason why I was able to have success like I had last year, and I can't wait to see what I can accomplish next year with what I learned this year at camp."

— Karl, Ashland High School

"I was extremely impressed with how professional each instructor was. They managed to create a good balance of strict rules but also a safe and carefree environment. At first, I was disappointed with the enforcement of the rules, however throughout the week I noticed them less. The instructors were also extremely helpful -- their continuous energy/enthusiasm every day and personalized instruction for each debater made every lecture more worthwhile and effective."

— Pearlin, Notre Dame San Jose High School

Debaters research arguments during the placement test. 

Debaters research arguments during the placement test.