Each year the POI Debate Institute puts together an incredible instructional team to provide best-in-class parliamentary debate instruction. We're looking for dedicated debaters and educators to join our Summer 2019 staff in a variety of positions, from judges to full-time instructors. To get started, please first fill out the form below!

Once you’ve completed the application, you should do the following:

  • If you’re already a coach, please ask someone who has worked with you in a (preferably) supervisory capacity (head coach, Director of Forensics, etc) or (if necessary) a peer capacity to write you a recommendation.

  • If you’re still in high school or have no formal coaching experience, please ask a debate coach or advisor to write you a recommendation.

  • This recommendation should be no longer than 500 words, and should address your capability and potential as an instructor, interactions with students/younger debaters, and any other relevant details.

  • Your application may additionally include one further recommendation from a student or younger debater on your team.

Please submit applications by December 20th to be considered for all Berkeley programs. Letters of recommendation must be sent by your recommender to sierra@clubparli.com no later than January 1st to meet application requirements.

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Coached novices on your team, won tournaments, done well at tournaments, run a middle-school camp, worked at a camp before? Tell us about it. Hint: this is the information you want to see in your bio.
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Who are you asking to write your primary recommendation?

Finished? Almost! One last thing: If you'd like to send us a resume as a better representation of your experience, please email it as an attachment to sierra@clubparli.com.