The Berkeley Master Class 2

For the Master Class 2018 alumni, the experienced technical debaters, the people already at the top of their game... what comes after a successful parli season? We have a new answer for you: MC2.  

Whether you're returning to work with Bear and Zach for your second year in a row, moving up from a summer in Group D, or brand new to POI, this camp is for those who want the practice they need to keep up the winning magic. 

This one's new for us too— but we expect an inseparable community, a schedule crafted around the arguments you've been longing to learn and develop, and the same top-notch education you've already come to love.

Welcome home. 

Quick Facts

Staff/Student Ratio of 1:6 or better 

12 days of debate learning

25+ practice rounds


2019 Dates: July 7th - July 20th

2019 Residential Tuition: $2625

2019 Commuter Tuition: $2495

Master class tournament rounds

An advanced, essential curriculum

Master Class students already know the basics, so our curriculum focuses on the details: strategic moves for each speaker, topics that you most want to learn about, and the kritikal education you need to succeed. 

Integrated into the curriculum are more than 25 practice and tournament rounds, dedicated to giving each debater experience with diverse topics. You'll further develop your skills with extensive time for drills: redoing speeches, getting up to speed, and drilling through the basics to deepen your understanding. 

With lots of time for personal development, you'll surely have room to grow. 

Research time in Master Class

Dedicated Research Time

In Master Class, research time makes up an important part of the curriculum: debaters write files in research pods, compile their resources to make a research packet, and test out their files in specialized debate rounds. 

With multiple hours per day dedicated to writing files, you'll have the energy you need to work out the cases you'll be able to use all year— and plenty of time in the evenings to polish them up. 

That makes Master Class the perfect place to prepare for the season. 


Friends, Partners, and Family

Debaters come to Master Class from various circuits, but they leave camp a part of their own community. 

With an intense atmosphere of preparation, a group of people who love and dedicate themselves to debate, and lots of time to bond, Master Class gives you the chance to meet your newest group-chat, build your tournament support system, and make friends for a lifetime. 


Sample schedule

8:30 - 9AM — Breakfast in the Dining Hall

9AM - 10AM — Morning Drills

10 - 11:20AM — Kritik Topic Lecture 

11:20AM - 12PM — Prep Drills

12 - 1PM — Lunch in the Dining Hall

1 - 4:40PM — Afternoon Practice Rounds

4:40 - 5:20PM — Speech Redos

5:20 - 6:20PM — Afternoon Topic Lecture

6:20 - 7:20PM — Dinner in the Dining Hall

7:20 - 8:30PM — Research Time