We’re thrilled to add our Advanced Middle School Program (MSP2) this year, to accommodate the needs of the many parliamentary debaters who have experience in debate, but aren’t yet in high school. This program will focus on building up fundamental skills, preparing debaters to continue to excel among middle schoolers, and to win their way through high school tournaments as well. If you’re in middle school still, but ready for an intensely fun debate experience that will give you the summer boost you need, join us for our inaugural session!

Quick Facts

Staff/Student Ratio of 1:6 or better

7 days of debate learning

14+ practice rounds


2020 Dates: TBD

2020 Residential Tuition: TBD

2020 Commuter Tuition: TBD


We can’t tell you what’s happened at MSP2 in the past, because we haven’t seen it yet ourselves. But we can tell you what happens at POI, in each and every program.


The right level of intensity

Our Advanced Middle School Program is designed to push students to their personal best, while recognizing that free time and fun times are still absolutely essential.

With a heavy rotation of argumentation drills, intense practice rounds, and lectures that deepen your understanding of the basics, you’ll get the chance to cover all of your bases.

With more advanced lectures built in on more difficult concepts, you’ll raise the bar for your own abilities, and learn to meet that standard over and over again.


Instructors who care

At POI, our instructors help you grow as debaters and as people.

Our MSP2 program will be led by parliamentary debate experts who know every trick and drill possible to bring you to your next-level debating skills. They’re ready to teach you how to rock the circuit— whether middle school, or high school.

But don’t take our word for it. On the regular POI end-of-camp survey, we ask students what their instructors could do to improve their teaching. The most common response? "Nothing." 


Learn and Laugh

Our camp days aren't just about rigorous education— they're also about building a sense of community, and developing a social learning environment. 

That's why, at POI, we arrange social events regularly: movie night, instructor-led games, birthday parties, and on-campus souvenir trips, to name a few. 

But the best social events are the ones unplanned, which appear every summer, like spontaneous talent shows, challenge rounds against instructors (even in MSP!), and card games in the suites: those are what make POI a family. 


Sample schedule

8:30 - 9AM — Breakfast in the Dining Hall

9AM - 9:40AM — Morning Drills

9:40 - 10:40AM — Morning Lectures

10:40 - 11:55AM — Morning Practice Round

12 - 1PM — Lunch in the Dining Hall

1 - 2PM — Topic Lecture 1

2 - 3:20PM — Afternoon Practice Round

3:20 - 3:40PM — Afternoon Break

3:40 - 5:40PM — Afternoon Lectures

5:40 - 6:40PM — Dinner in the Dining Hall

 6:40 - 7:20PM — Topic Lecture 2

7:20 - 8PM — Evening Drills