Students from more technical circuits

Camp has provided me with a community and framework to facilitate my own growth as a debater. Not only do I now have a directory of contacts to help explain complicated k lit and arguments to me but also people who are willing to support me in every aspect of my debate life including on issues of mental health and sharing the value of debate in the community. I now have a database to of drills and lit which I can use to pursue debate on my own.”

—Matthew, Crystal Springs Uplands School

“You learn so much about debate that you could never learn anywhere else. I feel so much more confident going into rounds and not being scared of what they may run, because now I know strategies and how to respond.

—Sarah, Claremont High School

“"Having come from SNFI and a loosely established parli program, POI significantly improved my ability to do both k and case debate. My partner and I do most of our learning at camp, and POI was a fantastic platform to do so."

— Neeraj, The Nueva School


Students from Non-technical (lay) circuits

“Before POI, I didn’t know much about debate theory, kritiks, or even the structure of an argument. Looking back, I seriously learned so much about debate from this camp that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. POI pushed me at the times I needed to be pushed and encouraged me to try harder to really improve. Now, after camp, I feel much more ready for upcoming tournaments this school year. If you seek to improve as a debater and are not afraid to work hard, POI is the place for you.

—Alex, Lowell High School

“I really liked how it explained Policy Debate so clearly. I come from SoCal, where Policy debate is a big ol' mess, so it was a great experience to understand those resolutions better.”

—Tate, San Dieguito Academy

“POI definitely reinforced my love for parli. Despite all of our different skillsets and regional backgrounds, we were still able to learn so much from each other. Additionally, the feedback and information you receive from lectures really highlights and emphasizes the areas where you need improvement, which are valuable insights which I will take with me and incorporate into the next season. POI helps to reiterate the flexibility and rigorous ability to adapt that Parli warrants, and being able to hone that in a welcoming setting was a valuable and immeasurable experience.”

—Jon, Archbishop Mitty High School


Students who have no debate experience

“Starting out as someone with no debate experience, I was pretty intimidated. There were people all around me at super high skill levels, levels like mine, and everywhere in between. POI let me learn how to debate in a space that I felt was suited toward me and I am very glad I've had this experience. Because of POI, I've fallen in love with the art of parliamentary debating.

—Meher, Bayside STEM Academy

“Definitely come here if you want to learn how to debate. It's really educational.”

—Evonne, Campolindo High School

“This camp was great because of all the new things I learned about debate: It made me discover this subject and love it at the same time. I discovered a great and welcoming community that made me want to continue being part of it.”

—Colin, Lycée Condorcet

“I barely had any experience with debate, and learning how this new field (for me) works, in a community who cares, means a lot and made me enjoy my camp experience.”

—Brian, The Saklan School

Students from International circuits/other countries

“POI debate is the best debate program I have ever been to. I learned more in a week here than an entire semester back home, the camp feeds you so much information, it's so worth it! In addition to that you get to meet and learn from so many great debaters.”

—Zimu, Western Academy of Beijing (China)

Don’t worry if you do a different style of debate, you will still enjoy it and learn.”

—Leiden, Eton College (United Kingdom)

“I would strongly recommend this camp for different reasons: The first one would be learning of course. But not only learning about debate, but also about the world and politics as a whole. The second thing is also linked to the first one, and its the general atmosphere. It doesn't feel like school and yet I've learned so much more here than anywhere else!

—Colin, Lycée Condorcet (France)

"Before I came to POI, I had no idea what it meant to run a critique or what topicality meant because I'm a Canadian debater who had never tried parliamentary debate. Trying out parli really helped me broaden my scope of knowledge and experiment with arguments that challenge the purpose of debate...."

—Vivian, West Point Grey Academy (Canada)

“The camp was very awesome, I learned to manage my time well, research better, and overall become a better debater.”

—Julian, Inter-American School (Guatemala)

“The POI debate institute is a truly comprehensive and educational program. It covers a broad selection of topics and makes you a better debater in every way. Coming from a different circuit, my experience here has changed the way that I look at debate. I gained a far deeper understanding of topics that I was already familiar with and also learned a multitude of new concepts, including theory and critical arguments, which add a further layer of complexity to debate. I would recommend this program to anyone who is committed to take their debate to another level, as this program is guaranteed to fulfill that purpose.”

—Michael, Queen Elizabeth High School (Canada)