Our Future Starts Here

Debaters and coaches of the 2016 Master Class Program at UC Berkeley.

The POI Debate Institute, now entering its fifth year, is pleased to announce that we will be staging the nation's premier high school in-residence parliamentary debate institute at UC Berkeley. The POI Debate Institute is open to debaters of all skill levels.

The POI Debate Institute will continue to offer a best-in-class experience instruction led by nationally renowned college and high school coaches and an amazingly low instructor:debater ratio of 1:8. We will continue to uphold our mission to serve the needs of high school students aspiring to be the best parliamentary debaters in the nation. The POI Debate Institute is competitive, demanding, and rigorous and will push you to achieve your potential. It is unlike any other parliamentary debate program offered in the nation.

We know that that time and money invested in a summer debate program is predicated on the expectation debaters will develop the requisite skills and knowledge to make them more competitive and to that we offer a track record of unparalleled success when it comes to training high school parliamentary debaters.

Debaters trained at the POI Debate Institute dominate national high school parliamentary debate and have won almost every major high school invitational including Stanford, Yale, MLK, University of the Pacific, the Connecticut State Championship, the California State Tournament, Willamette, Fullerton, Oregon, Claremont, NPDI, the 6x4, Prospect, Santa Clara, Berkeley, La Costa, and the Parliamentary Debate Tournament of Champions.

While we are proud of our success, we know that parliamentary debate is far more than a collection of trophies. At the POI Debate Institute we truly believe parliamentary debate is an investment in the future. Parliamentary debaters are special because of their unique ability to engage, analyze, and process the seemingly indecipherable white background noise that permeates our world. One round might be about the situation in the Central African Republic with the next round pivoting to the possibility of war in the South China Sea only to be followed by a round weighing the benefits and detriments of European austerity policies. The best parliamentary debaters have a heightened awareness of the multiplicity of problems that afflict our planet and they are constantly conceiving and testing ways to solve these problems. The young people who participate in parliamentary debate are inspirations. They provide hope. They are the seeds of a better future.

So please join us this summer. We look forward to seeing you in California and Oregon!